Running #39. The Last Page.


Thanks everyone for reading Running and indulging me, I hope you got something out of it.

I’m currently remastering (redrawing and rewriting some of the bits that bug me) Running for Comikka, an online comics site with the pages in their original format and also specifically formatted for mobile viewing if you visit on your phone. If you’re sick of Running, there are lots of really great creators on there such as the splendid Richy K. Chandler so it’s still worth taking a look!

Again, thank you all, the next post will be the whole story in its original form for easy reading, if you enjoy it please point your friends in its direction.

I’m going to have a rest now…

And then I have some other ideas to start on!

Running Christmas Special 2014.



The lovely Steve from Gosh! Comics asked me if I fancied doing a Running Christmas thing for the upcoming Process meet up. I did fancy it, so I did one.

Process (@ProcessComics) is a monthly get-together at Gosh! where a lot of the local creators and nice people meet up and do comic related things. This month’s meet up we’re all going to draw stuff, and the above strip I believe is going to be there with some panels missing so you can fill it in if you like.

I thought if anyone does use it they could tweet me (@aBigSwan) the result and I will put it up on the site. Assuming it is tasteful. If it’s not tasteful I’ll put it on my wall at home.

So that’s why it exists anyway, please enjoy, and feel free to pop along to Process tomorrow and join us for drawing based thrills, 7pm at Gosh!