Imogen n’ Bert concept.


Concept page for potential new thing (yes, it’s been a while).

Backwards Burd Cheap Laughs #1.

These two appeared in Backwards Burd Cheap Laughs #1, which you can check out online here, and pick up in newspaper form from comic shops and conventions (last I checked Orbital Comics had a few left).




Dog Eat Dog is an old Making Sense joke, but it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone…


October Update.

Richy K. Chandler launched four whole books last Friday, featuring work by himself (obviously) and several other splendid artists. I even got a few pages in his Tempo Lush Tales, which was very exciting! It’s a story about a medieval kitchen, written by Richy and drawn by me. Here’s brief snippet featuring grapes:



You can currently buy the book at Gosh! Comics in London, and I imagine it will start popping up elsewhere shortly.

In other news I’ve been working on a story with my old friend Adam Cooper which is essentially about us getting beaten up. Here’s a taste of what to expect:


Written and coloured by Adam (the colours are on the way, you’re not missing something), drawn by me.

And now I am definitely going to go finish Running.

July Update.

You might have noticed there hasn’t been much Running going on recently, excuses below:

I’ve been working on a story for the upcoming World War One comic anthology To Arms!, which is shaping up to be quite a collection by the looks of the preview artwork on show. The book is out in August, and there will be a launch party at Gosh! Comics in London on September 12th, where you will probably find me skulking about. Very excited to be part of the project, you can find more out about it over at the Indiegogo page, and there’s also an interview with the editorial team over at Broken Frontier! Don’t forget to give us a Facebook like as well for more updates. A small snippet from one of my pages below:


I have also been doing a story for Richy K. Chandler’s upcoming Tempo Lush Tales anthology, which will be full of stories written by the man himself with art duties performed by various artists (such as me). Again, there is a launch for this at the ever lovely Gosh! Comics on October 3rd. Can’t share anything from this yet but I’m very much looking forward to doing so, it’s another great project and I’m thrilled to be involved!

And finally I’ve done a couple of strips for Backwards Burd’s latest venture, Backwards Burd Cheap Laughs #1. It’s a free newspaper style comic that premiered at London Film and Comic Con this Summer, and you will likely start finding it in London comic stores shortly. If you’re not London based or just prefer the digital life, it’s also online here.

So now that’s all sorted I can get back to finishing that Running business and a few other bits and pieces. How about that?

WASP 2014.

I have taken part in Webcomic Artist Swap Project (WASP) this year, so you’ll be seeing a Running page by another artist next week, and different person’s strip drawn by me.

Find out more about the project over at Richy K. Chandler’s site, and if you were wondering who did that fancy wasp logo, it was the highly skilled Francesca Dare.


There’s still another page from me this week if I can find some time to finish drawing it. Lots to come!